Cosmetic Facial Surgery in Des Plaines, IL

Facial and ear surgery aren't just about looking good; they have a lot to do with healthy function too. Jeffrey Halpern, DDS, is trained to reconstruct facial structures to fix physical malformations, whether they're the result of injury, aging, disease, or other causes. Our practice's state-of-the-art technology lets us offer some of the least invasive cosmetic facial surgery in Des Plaines, IL. Most procedures can be performed right here in our office, so no hospitalization is required. Set up a consultation and we'll be happy to discuss your options with you.

Each surgery and treatment plan is personalized according to your needs and desires. We can change as much or as little as you like, depending on your health. The results vary depending on factors such as your bone structure, skin texture, and alcohol or tobacco consumption. In addition to facelifts, facials, and nasal surgery, our oral surgeon performs common procedures on all of the following areas:

• Cheekbone/Chin • Lip • Ear • Neck • Forehead/Brow/Eyelid

Cosmetic Facial Surgery X-Rays in Des Plaines, IL   

About Facial Surgery

There are so many different facial surgery procedures that it takes a true expert to be able to do them all. Each one carries its own unique features and benefits, but a commonly shared advantage is that the face often appears younger afterwards. In some cases procedures can be combined, such as facelifts and eyelid surgery. The confidence patients achieve from these treatments is priceless, and there are plenty of health benefits too. For example, a "nose job" or nasal reconstruction surgery, might help to improve breathing capabilities.

Recovery time is reasonably short for each of these processes. You may experience some bruising, discomfort, or swelling, but these are all normal parts of the healing process. Our surgeon can prescribe you necessary medication and provide any other aftercare supplies you may need. All you have to do is schedule a consultation and we'll take it from there.

Chin Surgery and Other Facial Procedures

The reason jobs like rhinoplasty and chin surgery are sometimes done in conjunction with each other is because facial proportion is so important. The parts of your face were designed to work together, and having even one part be off can cause you problems. For example, a chin that is well defined provides balance to the face. Our surgeon has worked on each part and has been trained in achieving harmony between all of them.

Contact us to learn about your candidacy for cosmetic surgery. We operate on patients from Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Park Ridge, Rosemont, and Chicago, Illinois, and neighboring communities.
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