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Anatomy of a Dental Implant in Des Plaines, IL   

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Des Plaines, IL

When you're looking for a solution to missing teeth, there's none better than our dental implants in Des Plaines, IL. Rather than fight shifting dentures that can get lost or worn out, you're better off wearing our permanent replacements that are surgically put in place. Jeffrey Halpern, DDS, offers tooth replacement options that are long term. These offer far fewer problems than other solutions like bridges. As long as you take care of your implants, they'll never need replacing.

Dr. Halpern is a maxillofacial surgeon, which means spent an extra four years in school, so he could provide treatment, including surgery, for the mouth, face, and jaw. You can trust Dr. Halpern for a range of dental services, including cosmetic facial surgery, oral pathology and anesthesiology, tooth extractions, and dental implants. With his training and more than 24 years of experience, he is the dentist in whom you can place your full trust and confidence.

Filling a Common Need for Tooth Replacement

It’s common for adults to need one or more replacement teeth during their lifetime. In fact, the majority of adults have lost at least one permanent tooth by the time they reach the 35 to 44 age demographic, and not always through tooth decay. Accidents, gum disease, and failed root canals all take their toll on teeth.

By age 74, 26% of adults have lost all of their teeth, so you're not alone in needing teeth implants. What's more, ours look so natural no one will even be able to tell they're not your real teeth. They'll give you all the speaking and biting power you need with the look you want.

What’s Involved in Getting Dental Implants

We begin the process of providing you with dental implants by developing an individualized treatment plan. Our dental implant dentist works with a restorative dentist, who makes the crown for the implant. Together, they take a team approach to your success. And, we keep in constant touch to make certain that everything is going smoothly for you.

Next, we examine your mouth, gums, and teeth, and take X-rays. This gives us a starting point. Implants do require plenty of healthy bone for stability, so our dentist makes sure you’re a good candidate for this type of tooth replacement. 

Then, it’s time for your implant procedure. Our dentist places the implants, which are tiny titanium screws, into the sockets of the missing teeth. During the healing process, the bone actually grows around the implant, making it a permanent part of your jaw. The stability and permanence are some of the reasons implants are so successful.

After your jawbone has healed, an impression is made of the upper and lower jaws to create your dental crowns. The crowns are attached to a post connected to the implant and the result is permanent replacement teeth. Throughout the process, we continue to work with you with follow-up care to give you the best new teeth possible.

What's a Dental Implant?

A tooth implant is a bit like cosmetic facial surgery in that it improves both your health and your appearance. Implants are designed to replace teeth and are made of strong titanium and other materials. They're custom-made to fit your mouth exactly and don't have any negative impacts on your other teeth, bones, or gums. Because they're screwed into your mouth permanently, you never have to worry about losing or misplacing them like you would with dentures.

Dental implants have the flexibility to fill in for just one tooth or a whole bunch of missing teeth. Two or more implants can offer stable support for new teeth, and they look completely natural. No one but our trustworthy dental surgeon ever has to know that you have them.

Dental Implants vs. Conventional Dentures in Des Plaines, IL

Enjoy the Benefits of Your New Implants

The success rate for implants is very high -- 98%. Our patients also tell us how happy they are with their new implants. These look and feel very much like the teeth you’ve lost as implants restore appearance and functionality. With teeth implants you can expect:

  • Comfort as they are custom-made to fit your mouth and jaw.
  • Convenience as implants are permanent, so you don’t have to take them out at night for sleeping and cleaning.
  • Increased eating options as you have a full set of teeth to chew crunchy foods.
  • Improved appearance as you have a mouth full of handsome teeth

Contact us to learn more about our implant options for you. We create and place tooth implants for patients in Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Park Ridge, Rosemont, and Chicago, Illinois, and neighboring areas.

"Dr Halpern is great. Came to have my wisdom teeth extracted. Procedure and recovery was quick."
—Albert Huk, Nov 18, 2016