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Oral Anesthesiologist in Des Plaines, IL

Do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed or undergo any other type of oral surgery? Or have anixety going to the Dentist ?Turn to an oral anesthesiologist with more than 24 years of experience in dental surgery including cosmetic facial surgery, tooth replacement, and wisdom tooth removal. Whether you’re undergoing surgery to improve your self-esteem and appearance or to remove a troublesome tooth, we have the experience and equipment necessary to ensure your comfort, safety, and speedy recovery.

Dental anesthesia is an effective way to have oral surgery in a relatively stress and pain-free manner. Our sedation and oral surgeon administers anesthesia and handles the surgery itself all while you rest peacefully. To learn more or schedule an appointment, get in touch with our friendly staff.

Benefits of Dental Anesthesia in Des Plaines, IL   

The Benefits of Dental Anesthesia

While many of us have gone through local anesthesia through the use of numbing agents to get a simple cavity filled, oral surgery often requires more time and invasive actions that would normally cause pain for the patient. Dental anesthesia is a way for your dentist to perform their work without causing you significant pain or discomfort. From cosmetic surgeries to wisdom tooth removal, there are a variety of procedures that may call for sedation. Some of the benefits of sedation dentistry include:

  • Feel More Comfortable During Long Procedures
  • Prevent Movement that Interferes with Procedures
  • Prevent Gag Reflex Caused by Anxiety and Dental Tools
  • Experience Less Pain During and After Procedure
  • Ability to Tolerate Longer Appointments
  • Better Quality of Treatment and Recovery
  • Sedation Options for Patients with Anixety

Why Get Sedation by an Oral Surgeon?

While the most common reason patients opt for sedation by an oral surgeon is to avoid pain and discomfort during their procedure, there are many other benefits to anesthesia and sedation. One of the greatest benefits by far is that anesthesia allows your oral surgeon to access your teeth and gums with much greater ease than simply numbing the area offers. This improves your end results, lowers the potential for complications, and allows your dentist to complete more work in less time because they don’t need to worry about the patient moving, swallowing, gagging, or shifting in their chair.

Dental Anesthesiologist with Decades of Experience

Anesthesia is a convenient way to undergo dental procedures, but due to its nature, it can also be risky. That’s why it’s important to trust your care to a skilled and experienced dental anesthesiologist like Dr. Halpern. With more than 24 years of experience in sedation and anesthesia dentistry, our staff is able to provide you with the high-quality care you deserve while ensuring your comfort and safety throughout your visit.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our skilled and experienced dental anesthesiologist. We’re proud to serve patients in Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Park Ridge, Rosemont, and Mt. Prospect, Illinois, plus the surrounding areas.
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