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Wisdom Teeth Growth by Age in Des Plaines, IL    

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Des Plaines, IL

Wisdom teeth are the last ones to come in, during the "age of wisdom" between 17 and 25. Nine out of 10 people have at least one that is impacted, which means it can't fully enter the mouth. That's where Jeffrey Halpern, DDS, comes in. We provide easy wisdom tooth removal in Des Plaines, IL, that prevents the impacted tooth from damaging or infecting its neighbors.

Wisdom tooth removal is better off done sooner rather than later. Oral bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and infect your other organs, like your heart or kidneys, and cause more serious problems. Sometimes a tumor or cyst may form around the untreated tooth, so even if you haven't had any pain, you could still be in need of a surgical procedure. Having your dentist and oral surgeon monitor these teeth is the best way to stop disease before it starts.

What Wisdom Tooth Removal Involves

Our oral surgeon starts you off with a consultation to discuss your procedure and answer your questions. Let us know about any medications you're taking and any health concerns. The older you are, the more complicated your wisdom tooth removal is likely to be. The development of the roots, hardness of the surrounding bone, and whether the teeth are impacted all contribute to the ease of the procedure. We're always careful to provide realistic recovery times and just the right amount of anesthesia for a painless experience.

There may be a chance you can keep your wisdom teeth, but if you choose to do this, you may need to give them extra care. Extra brushing and flossing is needed, and your third molars will need to be examined and x-rayed by a professional. This will be needed at least annually to ensure that the health of your gum tissue and teeth hasn't changed.

Complications from Impacted Teeth in Des Plaines, IL

What Happens After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Swelling and mild discomfort are common after wisdom teeth removal, but we're more than qualified to help you manage them. Our surgeon can prescribe medication to help with the pain and gauze to stop the bleeding. Cold compresses help with the swelling, and you'll leave with all of the instruction you need to stay healthy. Plenty of rest and a diet of clear liquids will take care of the rest, and we're happy to schedule you for any follow-up appointments you need. We'll monitor how it's going and check for any complications to keep you healthy.

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"My son had his bottom wisdom removed and had absolutely no pain afterward. He used local anesthesia only and my son was very comfortable."
—Dilon O., Nov 29, 2016